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Our Vision & Mission

Our goal at Fourth Faze to set the standard for web excellence, becoming the beacon for businesses seeking to harness the full potential of their online presence. We envision a world where every company, regardless of size or industry, has access to bespoke web design and development services that not only reflect their brand’s essence but also propel them towards unprecedented growth and success. 


With roots deeply embedded in software engineering, our journey began as a response to the industry’s need for a firm that not only excels in web technology but also prioritizes client relationships and results. Our background is rich with diverse projects, from crafting cutting-edge websites for startups to transforming the digital landscapes of established businesses, always with the goal of elevating their online presence and driving success. 

At Fourth Faze, we bring together the brightest minds in web development and design, each committed to leveraging the latest technologies and creative strategies to deliver unparalleled results. Our story is one of passion, dedication, and a continuous quest to set the new standard in the digital realm.

anthony rizk founder and ceo of Fourth Faze and Architected Relations

Founder & CEO

Anthony’s story begins in Egypt and unfolds across the ocean to the United States, where he arrived at 10 years old. From a young age, he was fascinated by technology, spending countless hours assembling and troubleshooting computers. This early passion for tech led him to study computer science and become a skilled software engineer working with some of the largest firms in the country.

While still in college, Anthony embarked on his entrepreneurial journey, balancing his studies with full-time engineering positions. His experiences in both the corporate and startup worlds equipped him with a unique blend of knowledge and insight. 

Determined to make a difference, Anthony founded Fourth Faze with a clear mission: to use his expertise and gather the best minds in the industry to help businesses thrive through innovative web solutions. His commitment to excellence and innovation is at the heart of everything we do, ensuring that Fourth Faze is more than just a web design and development company—it’s a partner in success. 

Company Values

At Fourth Faze, our values are anchored in our Christian faith. 

We prioritize honest, transparent interactions and strive for the highest quality in our work, always putting our clients’ needs first.

We use the acronym “EPIC” because it encapsulates the essence of Fourth Faze, highlighting our commitment to delivering exceptional web design and development services:

  • Excellence: We strive for the highest quality in every project, ensuring our work exceeds industry standards and client expectations.

  • Passion: Our dedication goes beyond just doing the job. We bring enthusiasm and commitment to every aspect of our work, driven by our integrity and compassion for our clients and their projects.

  • Innovation: Staying ahead of the curve is our norm. We embrace the latest technologies and creative strategies to deliver cutting-edge web solutions.

  • Collaboration: Working closely with our clients and within our team to create solutions that truly resonate and deliver success.

Meet The Team

Gaurav Jain

Web Developer

Jason Benton

Web Developer

Neha Jain

Project Manager

Sam Moss

Web Developer

Mark Hany

Project Manager

Amy Curtis

Web Designer

Allison Lee

Web Designer

Katie Rodriguez


Anthony Rizk

Founder & CEO

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